Building an influential brand image is imperative. The country of Belize, Belize Foods and Beltraide visual identities are the most important visual trademarks of the organization’s brand.

The brand elements consist of three trademark logotypes:

i. Belize trademark logotype,

beltraide branding

Under the IDB-BELTRAIDE Technical Cooperation Project a country image and food image “brand” for Belize have been created for Investment and Export Promotion. It was realized that a brand for Belize was necessary to compete against other countries for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and export sales. A country that has brand equity will benefit from a differentiated perception in the minds of consumers and investors so long as the brand is clear and positive.

The question, “Why does Belize need a brand?” was answered by the fact that a brand would control the perceptions associated with Belize, and optimize marketing efforts and resources. The objective of the “Belize brand” is to create a differentiated positioning that proves Belize’s unique comparative advantages as an investment destination and a food products supplier.

The brand “Belize – The Natural Niche” is investment and service oriented and aims to promote Belize based on its natural assets – biological and geographic diversity, pro-business investment climate, and development policies – Niche by nature! Niche by vision! Niche for business! Belize has been blessed with a strategic location, is the only English-speaking country in Central America, has an attractive framework for investment, an educated and hard-working labour force, and the list goes on. The natural characteristics that Belize possesses support the development of businesses that compete on quality rather than those that compete solely on price or in commodity markets. These characteristics are also attractive to investors who wish to have their products stand out because of their quality. The aim is to bring all eyes on Belize!

ii. Belize Foods trademark logotype

belize foods

“Belize Foods – Celebrating Quality” is more product oriented and aims to promote Belizean products based on their quality. There is an increasing demand for products “Made in Belize” for the simple reason that they carry an aura of quality and distinctiveness that differentiates them from others in the eyes of consumers. Some of the premium driven and niche-market oriented products from Belize include “fair-trade” branded cacao, orange juice, papayas, and habanero pepper sauce. Belize’s agribusiness is producing high quality products that are being differentiated in the main consumer markets and are therefore benefiting from premium treatment in these niche markets.

iii. BELTRAIDE trademark logotype.

Each trademark is made up of three elements:

  1. Icon (Arabu) – The icon has been named “Arabu”, which means Forest in Garifuna Language. Belize’s country icon is an ever changing system. A palette of “Arabus” is available for different applications. It can be used as backgrounds, always over-imposing each form with the other, in very light solid colors: translucent. The “Arabus” can also be used as outlines, but always over-imposing each form with the other.
  2. Logo type- BELTRAIDE’s logotype is composed in Clarendon Roman, medium-weight typeface, a classic slab-serif (serifs are square, large and bold).
  3. Brand Statement – The brand statement is composed in Clarendon light-weight typeface for improved text readability.

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