Business Name Registration

Business Name Registration

Applicable audience:

Local enterprises seeking a business entity with minimal paperwork and ease of dissolution; however, the business entity will bear unlimited personal liability.

Any firm or individual wishing to carry on a business in Belize must register the business name with the Company Registrar in accordance with the Business Names Act, Chapter 247 of the Laws of Belize.

Procedure on Business Name Registration:

  1. The applicant/representative completes an application form and submits the application to the Belize Companies Registry in Belmopan City. The applicant may also request a name search by telephone or fax for a fee.
  2. A name search is conducted to check whether the name is unique or it is not similar to any existing business, and to ensure compliance with the rules set out in the legislation.
  3. If business name is available, a Certificate of Business Name Registration will be issued.

Foreigners will need to apply with a Belizean partner or someone with a Permanent Residency to be able to register a business name.

Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry

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