Locating in Belize

The city of Belmopan


Bordered by Mexico in the North, Guatemala in the West and the Caribbean Sea in the East, Belize is a unique and vibrant country in Central America whose British colonial history strongly links it to the West Indies. A hard-working, diverse, friendly, bilingual (with English being the official language), and well-educated workforce bolsters an economy focused on growth.

Quite the popular tourist destination for its eco-friendly and pristine natural resources, Belize’s rich soil, year-round sub-tropical climate, and long coast line creates an attractive and sustainable climate to foster niche products and services that cater to value added markets.

Belize’s natural assets, progressive development policies, pro-business investment climate, and long-time democratic stability have created an ideal destination for investors seeking a sustainable harbor amidst the waves of global economic hardship. The Government of Belize is wholly committed to supporting the country’s niche-oriented development model, while preserving the country’s distinctiveness and fostering investor confidence.