Real Estate in Belize

Real Estate

This National Lands Act (2003) gives the Minister discretion to grant non-Belizeans a license to own national lands. Land can be registered under four types of property titles:

  • Registered land title
  • Transfer certificate of title
  • First certificate of title
  • Deed of conveyance

Eight procedures are required for property registration in Belize:

  1. Searching the Lands Department property registry to ensure that the proper title holder is conducting the sale
  2. Obtaining tax clearance from the Lands Department
  3. Getting the clearance stamped on the transfer document
  4. Having the property valued
  5. Having the Justice of the Peace attest the transfer document
  6. Paying the registration fees and stamp duty
  7. Registering the transfer with the Lands Registry
  8. Notifying the council of the change of ownership