Consumer Products

Products of Belize

Consumer Productsis known to be tangible products that consumers used daily for household or personal use. Belize’s population is approximately 312,000 and the production of consumer products has increased as time progress. Our land mass is 8,867 square mile in which a portion of it is used for cultivation of agriculture produce. Agriculture is one of the first industries to flourish in Belize and it has been developing. Many of our consumer products are value added agriculture products such as habanero pepper sauce and citrus juice. These products are already in the international and regional markets. The habanero pepper sauce is produced by Marie Sharp Fine Foods Ltd; this company has been in existing since the 1990s and is successful. Citrus Products of Belize Ltd. is the producer of juices (orange, grapefruit, fruit punch, and pine apple).

Retailing & Whole Sale
In surveys inducted by the Statistical Institute of Belize, Belize has recorded an economic increase of 2.7% in 2011. Although, a minor increase compare to the global market, Belize is still in a growing rate. The service sector has had a conventional increase over recent years, in which whole sale and retailing market has had the strongest growth of 4.8%.