Import vs Export

Importation Requirements

The nation of Belize depends profoundly on importation especially in the area of processed goods. The Laws of Belize defines and set the policies that facilitates and regulates importations of any given product or commodity. An importer can thus be fully aware of the procedures required in the importation o f goods into Belize.

Export Requirements


General Information

Chapter 293 of the laws of Belize establishes the body responsible in facilitation and implementation of the said laws namely the controller of supplies. The function of the controller of supplies is laid out including his ability in authorizing specific personnel. It also includes implementing and enforcing the laws or policies of importation.

A list and description of the importable products that require a license are available. It further defines specific products from the Caribbean that require license. Importation descriptions are given for agricultural products and life stock. The inspection and licensing for these products falls under Belize Agriculture Health Authority (BAHA). Assortments of conditions are stated to ensure prices meet consumer’s requirements, safety and purchasing capabilities.

Becoming an Importer in Belize

The Belizean population is growing at a steady rate and the demand for imported products continues to constantly increase. Many opportunities exist and with a few appropriate procedures one can be on the way on participating in a vibrant business venture.


  1. The foremost action is to read the laws and its decree giving you the potential importer the basis of conducting such a venture.
  2. By becoming familiarized with the procedure future adversity would be prevented.
  3. The proper documentation of the product(s) is required which entails a process of efficiently keeping records and tracks of imports.
  4. Importation license is obtain from the Ministry of Finance


  1. Submitting license application with all relevant information to Ministry of Finance for approval. On approval, a copy is kept and original retuned to importer to commence importation.
  2. Approval requires description and quantity of product(s) to be imported. Should the product be a food item it must first get clearance from BAHA, Ministry of Agriculture and finally Ministry of Finance

The documentation needed for importing food and a gricultural products into Belize are: an import from BAHA, phytosanitary or sanitary certificate and certificate of origin, commercial invoice laden. Most plant products will also need a certificate of treatment and inspection by quarantine officials

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