Is it Attractive to Invest in Belize?

Invest in Belize

 Strategic Advantages of Investing in Belize

  • Investor friendly climate
  • Bilingual (English, Spanish)
  • Abundance of natural resources
  • Long history of political stability
  • Ideal geographic  location with access to major international markets
  • Well trained and productive labor force
  • Competitive wage rates
  • Ease of access to government incentives
  • 100% ownership of business
  • Repatriation of capital
  • Accessible all weather roads linking major towns, cities and ports
  • Sub-tropical climate all year round
  • Modern banking and telecommunication systems
  • Strong & stable dollar
  • Foreign exchange rate pegged to the US Dollar since 1978 (US$1.00 = BZ$2.00)


Foreign Investment Incentives

Fiscal incentives Act of 1990

  • Duty exemptions, includes exemption from import duty, stamp duty, and revenue replacement duty to items such as:
  • Building material, equipment, vehicles, fixtures & fittings, office equipment and appliances
  • Spare parts for equipment and raw materials or other supplies No restrictions on foreign ownership and control of companies
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership and control of companies
  • Allowed to bring in skilled personnel to complement their local labor force, provided that a training program for Belizean nationals is established