Business Development Unit

Belize Development Unit 

The Business Development Unit of BELTRAIDE works to strengthen existing business competitiveness and the diversification of Belizean exports (products and services) by increasing inward foreign direct investment (FDI); by analysing national industry competitiveness; by coordinating and networking with international and national stakeholders; and by developing and executing relevant promotional and marketing initiatives. We provide the link between the Government of Belize and the Private Sector for the overall development of the country.

At BELTRAIDE, fostering business development is our business as we focus on developmental activities in the priority sectors as highlighted by our mandate. Emphasis is placed on the Agro-Business and Light Manufacturing Sector, Energy and Petroleum Sector, ITES and Financial Services Sector, Tourism and Leisure Sector, as areas having great potential to stimulate economic growth. Hence, the Business Development Unit works at analysing and identifying investment and trade opportunities through investor prospecting and investor targeting in each priority sector. Our job is to help potential investors get the information that is needed, meet the decision makers they want, and access the financial and intellectual capital that is required to make business happen. We build relationships to make it easier for the investor to build their business, and to enjoy the benefits of one of the brightest and best tax climates in Central America and the Caribbean. Whether you are looking to locate a headquarters or expand an existing business, the Business Development Unit provides answers to all the questions pertaining to site selection, community demographics, area employers, potential local investors, available incentives and more.

Other areas of focus for the Business Development Unit

  • Coordinate successful participation of Belizean enterprises, and other agencies in relevant trade/investment shows, trade/investment missions, national tours, and other promotional events;
  • Development and execute strategies and activities for increased market access for Belizean products and services;
  • Develop, manage, and improve investment and trade business relationships;
  • Continuously seek potential Investment opportunities for Belize;
  • Coordinate the development and continuous update of relevant industry information for the ease of information sharing through promotional collateral material;
  • Develop standardised promotional/marketing presentations, proposals;
  • Analyse and identify trade opportunities by coordinating with Business & Investment Facilitation Unit and networking with other stakeholders

Key to the success of this unit depends on keeping clients satisfied and motivated through our unique business development strategies. We ensure that each client receives the support of an experienced team that is dedicated to the business growth of the local industries in the priority sectors and strive to create and to leverage market opportunities to enhance the success of the country. We use our experiences and skills to provide innovative and competitive new programs, marketing solutions and operational assistance to investors that aim for profitability and making a difference in Belize. Together, we mean business.