Business Facilitation

Business Facilitation 

The Business and Investment Facilitation Unit consistently engages in dialogue with local and foreign investors and micro, small and medium sized enterprises to address issues relating to establishment and operation in Belize. We maintain close relationships with public and private sector to eliminate bottlenecks that exist and to advocate for policies that promote a business environment that is conducive to investment.

Our dedicated professionals will provide assistance in setting up and operating your business in Belize.

The facilitation services include:

Business Facilitation and After Care Service

Local and foreign investors make significant contributions to Belize’s economy. It is thus critical to ensure that the business environment in which they operate is conducive to their growth and development. The energetic team at BELTRAIDE works diligently to offer support to investors, including:

  • Provision of information on the various agencies and procedures for business establishment and registration, licensing, and other legislation related to operating a business in Belize. Officers respond to queries from local and international enterprises via, phone, email, and face-to-face meetings, navigating them through the requirements for business establishment and operation, while handling any specific questions they may have on business in Belize. Information on the following are provided
    • Macro-economic data
    • Incentive Schemes
    • Available Real estate and procedures to acquire
  • Facilitation of public-private dialogue to eliminate bottlenecks faced by investors. BELTRAIDE has developed networks with other agencies to ensure that their processes and procedures are not viewed as impediment to doing business in Belize. In many instances, BELTRAIDE act as an intermediary to ease the burden on enterprises and investors.
  • Facilitation of match-making opportunities. Through constant dialogue with sector players, our team is always identifying areas with investment potential to package opportunities for linkages between parties with mutual interest. They also assist companies in finding local suppliers and other service providers and organizing itinerary of meetings .
  • Facilitation of skills development of Belize’s Human resource by promoting and facilitating development of training programs through local institutions

Other services provided include:

  • Administration of the Fiscal Incentive Program on behalf of the Government of Belize.
  • Identification of donor funds and other financing schemes that can support business activities and support in completing applications