Project Summaries



Below is a Project matrix of all our projects since 2008 to present:






Implementing Agency

Finance Type

FINPYME – Technical Assistance Part 2 of FINPYME. Based on the Competitiveness Improvement Plans from Part 1, TA will be given in the form of group workshops or individual assistance

6 months

Korea-IIC SME Development Trust Fund Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)BELTRAIDE


Increased Market Access for SMEs in Agribusiness & Light Manufacturing TA given to SMEs in order to increase market access, including a international trade show for wood furniture manufacturers

2 years

Commonwealth Secretariat (COMSEC) (funder) BELTRAIDE


Quality & Productivity Management systems (QPMS) Training locals to assist SMEs in adopting QPMS, particularly in ISO 9001:2008 to improve competitiveness and quality

6 months



& Co-Share

Development of an MSME Policy and Strategy Outsource a Consultant to develop an MSME Policy and Strategy to provide technical information needed for Belizean legislators to script the MSME Development Strategy 6 months CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) BELTRAIDE


Strengthening the Institutional Architecture for Investment Attraction, Export Promotion and SME Development in Belize To strengthen BELTRAIDE’s capacity in terms of investment attraction, export promotion and SME development

12 months

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)/Compete Caribbean BELTRAIDE


National Export Strategy (NES) Policy To develop and establish a National Export Strategy (NES) Secretariat.

24 months

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Trust Fund Administrator/ (CARTFUND) BELTRAIDE


CAIPA – Needs for Assessment To assess BELTRAIDE’s investment activities

10 days

Caribbean Export Development Agency Caribbean Export Development Agency/BELTRAIDE


Inclusive Linkages – CENPROMYPE Intend to contribute to the local economic development and poverty reduction through the strengthening and articulation of the actors involved in the territories

36 months



Micro SME Regional Information for Central America To generate statistically reliable information about the size and characteristics of the micro, small and medium sized enterprises in each Central American country that may serve as the basis to establish a control system of the performance of this sector in each country and at a regional level

42 months

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) – Regional Public Goods Initiative (RPG) CENPROMYPE and CENTROESTAD


Small Business Development Center(Improving competiveness of our Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) To promote the growth, innovation and competitiveness of the small business sector and deliver the opportunities and benefits of international trade among the SME and SBDC networks linking the Americas

Projected starting date: July 2012

**Not Finalized BELTRAIDE

**Not Finalized


BELTRAIDE main projects that focus on the strengthening of the organization are the National Export Strategy (NES) for Belize and Compete Caribbean.  Please click on the link to learn more about the NES Secretariat.  The NES Secretariat is comprised of a Project Coordinator/Trade Development Officer and an Export Promotion Officer.  This project start-up date was April 2012 and the duration is for twenty-two (22) months.

The Compete Caribbean Project focus on the “Strengthening the Institution Architecture for Investment Attraction in Belize for the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)”.  The Compete Caribbean Program is a five-year grant funding initiative positioned to be a new and innovative approach for private sector development across the region.  Its overall goal is to improve competitiveness and economic growth in Caribbean countries.  In Belize, the project aims to strengthen BELTRAIDE’s capacity and our institutional architecture for Investment Attraction, Export Promotion and SME Development.  The project aims to contribute to the enhancement of the competitiveness in Belize. Specifically, it aims to strengthen our institutional framework and our necessary capacities to support investment attraction, export promotion, and SME development in Belize.


On Monday, December 5, 2011, Compete Caribbean-IDB and BELTRAIDE signed a letter of agreement to formalize the granting of a non reimbursable technical cooperation to strengthening the institution architecture for investment attraction in Belize.  The agreement was signed by Mr. Michael Singh, Executive Chairman and Ms. Anneke Jessen, IDB Representative in Belize.

Under this agreement, BELTRAIDE staff will be trained in investment promotion best practices, doing internships at prominent regional investment promotion agencies and mentored by experts in-house.  World class promotional tools will be created for all priorities areas, providing critical marketing tools to the new industry specialists here at BELTRAIDE.  The assistance to BELTRAIDE should commence over the next few weeks and run for 12 months.