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Las Terrazas (Tourism)


Located on the east coast of the world renowned “La Isla Bonita”, Ambergris Caye, Las Terrazas is well recognized as a resort and residential development – offering the options of selling/renting fully furnished rooms and condominiums. Las Terrazas boasts over thirty years of extensive experience in the real estate and hospitality industries spanning across several nations worldwide.

Las Terrazas enjoys the close geographic proximity to North America, English speaking population and the ease to conduct business and live comfortably in Belize! The Funding Group has invested in Belize for over 16 years and continues to do so with pride. Investment to date has exceeded US$20 million, with diverse clienteles from North America, Central America and Europe. The development of Las Terrazas is the launch of a series of luxury residential and resort developments that ultimately elevates Belize’s Tourism profile.

Citrus Products of Belize Ltd. (Agri-Business)


Belize’s premier citrus processor offering concentrated juices and premium all-natural juices, as well as citrus by-products to local markets and abroad. CPBL maintains international quality standards and are certified on an annual basis. With annual turnover now surpassed US$65 million, CPBL has never slacked on improving its wide array of products – citrus concentrates, all natural citrus juices, juices blends, spring water, and flavored water.

The Belize citrus industry dated as far back as 1913. The first processing plant was established in 1948 in Pomona Village, Stann Creek. Later, a second processing plant was established in Alta Vista Village, Stann Creek. The processing segment has now been consolidated with a redefined focus – with ownership shared by both the Citrus Growers Association (Belize) and the Banks Holdings Ltd (Barbados). With years of relentless efforts, CPBL continues to grow and prosper with pride in the “Land of the Free” – Belize!

Ready Call Center (IT-Enabled Service)


A customer service call center which started operations since the year 2005, with 60 employees. Mrs. Nubia Ramirez, owner of the Ready Call Center has been in the telecommunication industry (call centers) for 15 years. Before opening an outlet in Belize, Mrs. Ramirez had conducted a feasibility study on Belize.

Belize was the best location for Ready Call Center due to its close proximity to USA, availability of English speaking population, minimal time difference with USA, and the numerous investment incentives being offered by the Government of Belize. Since then, ready Call Center has now expanded to 1,080 employees, realizing over US$6 million per annum in revenue. Ready Call Center is determined to grow and prosper in the country of Belize.

Hummingbird Furnishing (Manufacturing)

Established in 1987 by Mr. Robert Lopez.  In the 1970’s the founder occupied his childhood holidays by working at Belize’s first Wicker and Rattan furniture factory. By 1983 he became manager of the factory and in 1987 his childhood dream of setting up his own factory was accomplished. Hummingbird Furnishing is a family owned business that commenced in a garage with one weaver and has grown now to fifty full time workers.

To date, Hummingbird Furnishing has invested US$2.3 million in its 30,000 sq ft facility house, office, showrooms, machine shop, weaving department, finishing department, upholstery department, bamboo department, fiberglass department, and warehouse.  On November 1st 1997, Hummingbird Furnishing opened a showroom outlet on Ambergris Caye for export orders from tourist. Hummingbird Furnishing now boasts a wide array of products – indoors furniture (Living, Dining, Bedroom, office) and outdoor furniture (Sofa, Table, Chair, Stand, and Gazebo).

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