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Pure Nature MD

Pure Nature MD is an all-natural line of tropical fruit juices containing vegetable components. The juice is unique because it is low in energy but high in nutrients which are supplied by the vegetables. The juices provide a natural alternative therapy for the management of diabetes, obesity and hypertension.


BELTRAIDE’S entrepreneurship workshop provided the platform for the development on my business idea, transforming my idea into a profitable business. The staff at the SBDC did a superb job in providing the professional guidance during the implementation phases of the entrepreneurship training, translating theory into practice in order to give birth to a new business. The birth pangs were severe at times but the results are rewarding. Pure Nature MD is in all stores country-wide, providing an alternative solution to a growing pandemic in the health sector.


In particular, I would like to single out Mrs. Nilda Riverol of the SBDC for her dedication, inspiration and professionalism as my mentor and business consultant during the implementation phases. I could not have achieved my business objectives without her wisdom, perseverance and inputs into every step of the development of my business idea. Nilda was there with me all the way as my “midwife” to deliver my idea into a new born business. Congratulations Nilda!


Arturo Montero

Arturo Montero
Pure Nature MD


CARILED was very happy to join hands with the Small Business Development Center to work on the training of the BTL Park vendors. In general, i believe the training was informative, comprehensive and motivational. The delivery style and the facilitators were interactive, keeping the attention and zeal of the participants. The content covered was ideal for the type of vendors who participated and i am certain that they walked out from the training feeling more confident about doing business. The SBDC was very efficient in coordinating and organizing the training even though CARILED's payment was a bit delayed. For this, i extend sincere gratitude as i know the Center operates on a small budget and yet, you went ahead and commenced the training.

CARILED is grateful for this trust and confidence, and we look forward to working with the SBDC as we continue to encourage and support Local Economic Development in Belize. Please extend our gratitude to your dedicated team for their contribution to the successful training program.


Leidi Urbina - National Country Coordinator
CARILED - Belize

Orange Gallery


The FINPYME Export Plus Workshop on International Marketing / Strategic Marketing for Export held at the George Price Center in Belmopan on Tuesday, July 23rd 2013, and sponsored in part by BELTRAIDE and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), was one of the most informative and well taught workshops I have attended in my life!  Presenter Christophe Jacquemin had great knowledge of the subject matter and explained it in a way that was easily understood, exciting, sometimes funny and always entertaining! It was obvious to me that he had spent many years in marketing and was successful at it. His slide presentation was very illustrative and appropriate as it covered various aspects of marketing including Communication, Brand Position, Vision, Objectives, Strategy, Action Plans, Product, Price, Publicity, and Product Life Cycle Management. Many thanks to Mr Jacquemin and all at BELTRAIDE and the IIC who helped put on a first class workshop!

Julian Sherrard
The Orange Gallery

Mad Media Solutions Limited

I called SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE a couple months back.  I was running out of options in getting funding for a project that needed to start quickly.  From the first call, they attended to me with professionalism, optimism and an eager sense to start working with me.  I sat down with of their advisors and they quickly identified the areas where they could assist.  I am forever grateful for all their unconditional support and being there for me when other doors were closing.

Francisco Madrid
Mad Media Solutions Limited

Dream Valley Jungle Resort (Tourism)

Dream valley is the sister Resort of Royal palm Caye Resort and a member of Wow Stay Resorts In Belize

Dream Valley is a Belizean owned Resort that sits along the Belize River Bank in Cayo, Belize’s newest Jungle Resort that has and is in operation for the last six months. We started Construction in the year 2011. After nine months of construction we approached Beltraide for assistance. We were granted a fiscal incentive and started investing in fixture & fitting, kitchen equipment, hotel supplies, office equipment, transports and much more.

The staffs are great, I have to say special thanks to Mr. Brian Lin (Senior Business and Investment Facilitation Officer) and Miss Debbie Alfaro (SME Development Officer) they gave me a lot of their time by guiding me through this lengthy process.

Business is improving daily and we will continue to expand and work with BELTRAIDE

For any one wishes to start a business in Belize I am more than happy to recommend that you visit BELTRAIDE first, do not make the same mistake we made by visiting after we had started .


Cornel Brown


Dream valley Jungle Resort

Young Gal Road

Teakettle Village  Cayo ,


Belize Foam LTD (Manufacturing)


Belize Foam LTD.

A Foam Called Away!!!

Belize Foam and Furniture Ltd is a family owned and operated business and was established in 1984. For about 20 years the company operated with approximately 5 to 7 employees and in 2008 with plans to expand and diversity, we approached BELTRAIDE for assistance. We were granted a fiscal incentive and started investing in more raw materials, machinery and trucks for delivery. With that assistance, and a very efficient and friendly staff at BELTRAIDE over the last 4 years, we have seen steady growth and can boast of having better quality products that's compatible to anything imported.

Believe it or not, we now employ 18 people. I don't think any of this would have been possible without making that first step by going to BELTRAIDE.

Charles Abou-Nehra

Managing Director

Belize Foam & Furniture ltd

Clear Call Belize LTD (IT-Enabled Service)

Clear Call Belize Ltd is Belizean owned and operated and see tremendous potential in business outsourcing.  In the three years we've been operational, BELTRAIDE has provided general business support as well as useful contacts and guidance.  Their agent training programs make it easy for new hires to transition into the workplace smoothly.  The staff is passionate about creating a strong investment climate and this has contributed to the success of the industry.

Femagra Industries (Manufacturing)

Femagra Industries has been operating in Belize for over 25 years in the manufacturing sector, specifically in chemical formulation sector and BELTRAIDE is one of the company’s closest working partners when it comes to business and market development.  This institution has supplied insight in market avail-abilities within the region and beyond; always providing information on worldwide market trends and arranging trade delegations.


BELTRIADE’s fiscal incentive program has allowed Femagra to cut down on overall production costs, thus making the company more competitive.  The assistance and attention of BELTRAIDE and its staff has facilitated the achievement of Femagra’s goal to export its products.


Tropic Air (Tourism)

Beltraide, its staff, and its services are an invaluable asset not just to Tropic Air, but any serious investor wanting to do business in Belize. Their ability to be a "one stop shop" for companies makes the investment and growth processes in Belize easier and more efficient, especially when it comes to fiscal incentives and development concessions. As an airline dedicated to growing with Belize, and that carried over 250,000 passengers in 2011, we rely on Beltraide and its dedicated team of professionals to be part of our growth plans so that we can can continue to serve each and every passenger and succeed for years to come.

Sri Luck Plastics (Manufacturing)

Our company has been working with BELTRAIDE since 2004 and we can honestly say that the experience has been a very positive and efficient one. They are progressive and forward thinking and very much a part of helping our business to grow.
---- Sri Luck Plastics-----

Sri Luck Plastics
Sri Luck Plastics

Roses Paper Products Limited (Manufacturing)

Roses Paper Products Limited is a Tissue Converting Company that has been in operation in Belize for over 35 years. With the help of a Development Concession under the Fiscal Incentives Program of the Government of Belize, which is managed by BELTRAIDE, our company has been able to grow and expand our scope of business to the export market including the US and CARICOM. BELTRAIDE has given and continues to give tremendous support and guidance in various forms to companies like ours. BELTRAIDE offers assistance from the initiation of a Business Plan, through the executing of the investment, and even further in promoting Belizean products and services regionally and internationally at Trade Events. The services offered by BELTRAIDE undoubtedly beneficial to all potential investors, both local and foreign, that have an interest in investing in our Jewel, Belize.

Roses Paper Products Limited
Roses Paper Products Limited

Eco Futures Belize Limited (Tourism)

Picture 1.png

Eco Futures Belize Limited has been assisted through Beltraide with developments in our Marina project. This includes publicity, training and applications.

Beltraide's staff & officers provide positive feedback to questions regarding investment & development.

Eco Futures receives prompt e-communications from Beltraide which enables decisions to be made efficiently

Eco Futures Belize Limited
Eco Futures Belize Limited

Pancho’s Auto Rental (Tourism)

I have been investing and operating in Belize for 28 years in the Auto Rental Industry as Pancho’s Auto Rental. For me investing in Belize was a challenge at first but if you put your all you can succeed. About eight years ago when the competition got tougher I got assistance from BELTRAIDE through a Fiscal Incentive Program. Therefore, we could have invested in newer vehicles and rent them at a reasonable rate since we got exempted from paying import duty. I am grateful for BELTRAIDE for facilitating us and I would encourage everyone that wants to invest in Belize to consult with them.

El Secreto (Tourism)

The experience we have had so far investing in Belize is highly positive. It is an interesting country to invest in and has the proper laws to protect investment. Belize is also an important emerging tourism market and the government has understood and supported foreign investment.
Beltraide has been very important part of our success, as their staff has been more than helpful and pushing us to make things happen, we are truly impressed with the professionalism and friendliness the staff has shown towards us and our project in many ways and to incentive foreign investment on the country, and make our investment even more attractive.

Abraham Roffe
Abraham Saade
El Seceto
Ambergris Caye

Abraham Roffe
El Secreto

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Las Terrazas (Tourism)


Located on the east coast of the world renowned “La Isla Bonita”, Ambergris Caye, Las Terrazas is well recognized as a resort and residential development – offering the options of selling/renting fully furnished rooms and condominiums. Las Terrazas boasts over thirty years of extensive experience in the real estate and hospitality industries spanning across several nations worldwide.

Las Terrazas enjoys the close geographic proximity to North America, English speaking population and the ease to conduct business and live comfortably in Belize! The Funding Group has invested in Belize for over 16 years and continues to do so with pride. Investment to date has exceeded US$20 million, with diverse clienteles from North America, Central America and Europe. The development of Las Terrazas is the launch of a series of luxury residential and resort developments that ultimately elevates Belize’s Tourism profile.

Citrus Products of Belize Ltd. (Agri-Business)


Belize’s premier citrus processor offering concentrated juices and premium all-natural juices, as well as citrus by-products to local markets and abroad. CPBL maintains international quality standards and are certified on an annual basis. With annual turnover now surpassed US$65 million, CPBL has never slacked on improving its wide array of products – citrus concentrates, all natural citrus juices, juices blends, spring water, and flavored water.

The Belize citrus industry dated as far back as 1913. The first processing plant was established in 1948 in Pomona Village, Stann Creek. Later, a second processing plant was established in Alta Vista Village, Stann Creek. The processing segment has now been consolidated with a redefined focus – with ownership shared by both the Citrus Growers Association (Belize) and the Banks Holdings Ltd (Barbados). With years of relentless efforts, CPBL continues to grow and prosper with pride in the “Land of the Free” – Belize!

Ready Call Center (IT-Enabled Service)


A customer service call center which started operations since the year 2005, with 60 employees. Mrs. Nubia Ramirez, owner of the Ready Call Center has been in the telecommunication industry (call centers) for 15 years. Before opening an outlet in Belize, Mrs. Ramirez had conducted a feasibility study on Belize.

Belize was the best location for Ready Call Center due to its close proximity to USA, availability of English speaking population, minimal time difference with USA, and the numerous investment incentives being offered by the Government of Belize. Since then, ready Call Center has now expanded to 1,080 employees, realizing over US$6 million per annum in revenue. Ready Call Center is determined to grow and prosper in the country of Belize.

Hummingbird Furnishing (Manufacturing)

Established in 1987 by Mr. Robert Lopez.  In the 1970’s the founder occupied his childhood holidays by working at Belize’s first Wicker and Rattan furniture factory. By 1983 he became manager of the factory and in 1987 his childhood dream of setting up his own factory was accomplished. Hummingbird Furnishing is a family owned business that commenced in a garage with one weaver and has grown now to fifty full time workers.

To date, Hummingbird Furnishing has invested US$2.3 million in its 30,000 sq ft facility house, office, showrooms, machine shop, weaving department, finishing department, upholstery department, bamboo department, fiberglass department, and warehouse.  On November 1st 1997, Hummingbird Furnishing opened a showroom outlet on Ambergris Caye for export orders from tourist. Hummingbird Furnishing now boasts a wide array of products – indoors furniture (Living, Dining, Bedroom, office) and outdoor furniture (Sofa, Table, Chair, Stand, and Gazebo).

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