Why Belize?

Business Friendly Environment

Belize is geographically strategically located in Central America bordered by Mexico to the North, and Guatemala to the West and the Caribbean Sea to the East. In the entire region Belize can boost being the only English speaking country in the region with more than 50% of the population speaking a second language. With the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry taking off in Belize, Belize is rapidly becoming a preferred destination for Business Process Outsourcing and already have established BPOs for companies located in the US and Columbia. The availability of talented and skilled human resource, a young English speaking population, Government Incentives, the strategic location of the country and appropriate physical infrastructure have been the main reasons for these companies capitalizing on outsourcing their operations to Belize. A country such as Belize that is relatively young to the idea of BPOs, the growth is at a steady pace. The opportunity for BPOs in Belize is spread across the heart of the country and is open to the realm of healthcare, telecom, media, financial services and other services. You can be one of them. Be a part of this sunrise industry in Belize.