Living in Belize

Enjoy the Caribbean Lifestyle

• Accommodations

  • Over the past few years, Belize has gained popularity as a destination for recreation and a venue for business transactions.
  • Belize has hosted international conferences for heads-of-state, business corporations, law enforcement organizations, religious groups, etc.
  • Accommodations range from upscale business hotels to beach resorts on the cayes, and even secluded jungle lodges.

• Getting Around

  • Getting around is easy.
  • Taxis, and airplanes are in transit everyday allowing for reliable connections to and from most anywhere in the country.

• Food

Belize’s diverse cultures and their associated delicacies appeals to even the most discriminating food connoisseur! From the sweetness of our sesame seed fudge (Wangla fudge), to the jaw-dropping habanero pepper-sauces to spice up your dish. The scrumptious, succulent, and zesty tastes of Belizean cuisine are sure to provide an orgasmic experience for your tongue. Two different vacation experiences come your way- an outdoor setting, where you can explore the caves, rainforest, and Mayan sites, whilst enjoying dishes such as Tamales, and Dukunu.

As part of the indoor experience, expose your senses to a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and arty expressions. With a taste of flavorsome rice and beans, accompanied by finger- licking grilled lobster, savory curry conch, sautéed shrimp, and the friendly snapper, you are sure to have a real taste of Belize. Not a rice lover? Have a taste of the mouthwatering hudut, “belly full” boil up (bile up), and yellow ginger chicken with a side of cohune cabbage and plantain.

Imagine sitting on the ground of a thatch hut, on the periphery of the mystical Maya Mountains, enjoying the picturesque view of Belize’s pristine rainforest, looking through the wooden window patiently awaiting a mouthwatering plate of Caldo, Relleno, or Chimole, and taking pleasure in the aroma of handmade corn tortillas.

Your nostrils are all wrapped up in the moment, admiring the smoke from the bubbling pot. These simmering soups lets out a delightful aroma of spices, tangy smell of tomatoes, organic sweet peppers and innate carrots, all grown in the rich soils of Belize.

These combined with the earthly scent of organic basil, soak through your passage and fill your lungs with flavors. A drop of spicy, yet delicious, habanero pepper sauce surely will send your taste buds beyond the altitude of Victoria’s Peak.

Enjoy a refreshing drink of lizard juice, a tasty, full-bodied mix of white, dark, and coconut rum, toppled with a splash of lime juice, soda water, some syrup and food coloring.“Caye Caulker’s Lazy Lizard”. Taste a Lazy Lizard, while relaxing under a coconut tree in a hand woven hammock, off the coast of Caye Caulker.

“Fall in Love, with a taste of Belize!!”