Strategic Location


  • Caribbean gateway to Central America.
  • Belize is located on the eastern coast of Central America.
  • Belize is bordered to the North by Mexico, South and West by Guatemala, and by the Caribbean Sea on its East.
  • Belize is commonly viewed as the most convenient portal for gaining access to both the Caribbean and the mainland regions.
  • Only English language-speaking country in Central America (Spanish is also widely spoken).
  • Belize is characterized by an incredible amount of biological and geographic diversity. The mainland, roughly the size of Belgium, contains tropical rainforests, coastal forests and grassland that host precious tropical flora and fauna.
  • The Belizean shore is distinguished by its more than 100 coastal islands and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere – spanning over 180 miles (290 kilometers).
  • Strategic location: (two hour flight to Miami)
  • English speaking country: (Spanish is widely spoken due to location)
  • Labor cost
  • Availability of qualified personnel
  • Government Incentive (Fiscal Incentive, Export Processing Zone, Commercial Free Zone)